Manage and edit

After registration, the user has access to all of his data which we have collected so far in the settings. Settings are simple in reasoning.

In the settings, the user can edit or delete information. Settings are divided into categories:

  1. Account
  2. Billings
  3. Privacy
  4. About

After exceeding the payment threshold by the user, a new category of settings – Payments is unlocked. Read more about not unlocked functions.

The user registering on Paidwork, confirms that knows our Privacy Policy. It contains key information about the privacy that the user has. The user has access to all information we collect. It can edit or delete them.

What about payments?

The settings also include payment methods that you can change in Menu > Billings > Manage payment methods.

After adding the payment method, you can delete it or edit it after entering the same place.


You can add up to 10 payment methods. Read more about payments.