Every user should know how to manage their budget so that the advertisement is efficient and brings what the user want to get. In the payment guides, you will find out what forms of payment exist, how you can make a payment, what information you have to provide to make a payment or learn more about taxes and invoices for companies.

Take care of your budget

Use it wisely, in your own way.

Budget management is one of the most personal decisions because what you want to achieve depends only on you. A larger budget results in more customers in your business, which translates into even higher business earnings.

We have prepared four Paidwork payment articles to help you learn more about the budget and how to use it effectively:

  1. Forms of payment
  2. Receiving transfers
  3. Payment threshold
  4. Payment details
  5. Tax information

Each article from the above contains exactly what you are looking for in the form of text and pictorial illustrations. If you are not a reading enthusiast, you can watch additional video guides that you can find on our – YouTube channel in your language.