Recommended setup

The Paidwork platform works on any device with an access to the Internet. The website is adapted to each device. It means that after entering the site, the appearance of the website automatically adapts to the device.

According to the recommendations of programmers, website works most effectively on the Chrome browser and the Windows 10 operating system. All other browsers may have a varied appearance of elements on the page, e.g. buttons, selecting options.

Currently Play games, Online shopping monetization method is only available on mobile devices. If you use this monetization, make sure that you have updated your iOS/Android to the latest version. Requires for iOs is 12.0 or up and for Android 5.0 or up.


If you use addons on browser to block ads, you will have to turn it off. If you visit our website as a logged in user with an addon that blocks ads, do not worry. We will show you the reminder popup in the upper right corner to disable the addon for Paidwork only.

Using VPN is also not recommended while earning on Paidwork. If you have VPN on, you will have to turn it off. In the other case, your earnings may not be credited properly and points could not be added to your account in the right way.