How does identity verification work

To protect the security of accounts, Paidwork requires you to verify your account before we can send you any payments.

When you reach the payment threshold of $10, you can request identity verification in the Billings section. The verification process is divided into two steps:

  1. Identity verification – You will be required to choose an Identity document you wish to use from a list, then you will be requested to submit a good quality, high-resolution scan of the front and the back of the chosen document. You can upload the scan in the following formats: .jpg .png .pdf.
  2. Address verification – Below the Identity Verification section, you can proceed to Address verification. You will be asked to submit a scan of a document such as a bank statement that will confirm your address. The data on the submitted proof of address document must match the address on your user account, as well as the data on your identity document.

Once you submit all the necessary documents, our team will proceed to verify your identity. You will be notified about the results of your identity verification process.