Invite people and earn

There is a lot of monetization methods on Paidwork and inviting people as part of the referral program is one of them. Share your referral link to invite people. If they withdraw money on Paidwork, you will be rewarded.

Where to get a link from?

Sign in to your Paidwork account and go to Referral program tab. You can find it on the left side. There is a window with a unique referral link which is automatically generated. You can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc. by coping it. In any time, you can change a link and generate another one.

How it works?

Invite people to create an account and earn on Paidwork from your referral link. If the invited person signs up, earn and withdraw money on Paidwork, you will receive $10 USD for every recommended person who will meet the criteria.

Example: You invited a person to Paidwork by sharing a referral link. The person creates an account and start earning on Paidwork. When they withdraw money, $10 USD will be added to your account for recommendation.

Every time a new person uses your referral link and withdraw money, you will receive a notification. To turn on email notifications, go to Settings page and then click Privacy tab. You can also check the list of invited people on the Referral program page any time. It is updated on a regular basis.

Explanation of statuses:

 Bonus granted
You have been rewarded for that invited people to our referral program managed to withdraw their first money on Paidwork. Congratulations!
 Earns (X/100%)
The person you recommended Paidwork starts earning on Paidwork. You can follow their progress and see how much payment threshold their reached so far.
 In the withdrawal process
The invited person requested PIN letter or withdraw money on Paidwork and there are waiting to get the transfer. That means you can be rewarded soon.

Bonus granted

This status means that the person you invited to earn on Paidwork met all criteria of our referral program and both, them and you can be rewarded. $10 USD for the recommendation our app to the other person will be added to your Paidwork account.

Earns (X/100%)

To be rewarded in the referral program, the invited person must reach the payment threshold and withdraw money. In this status you can see the progress of earnings of recommended person. The first number shows how much of payment threshold has been reached so far.

In the withdrawal process

If the status turns yellow it means that the invited person requested PIN letter or their payment is pending. When recommended person manage to verify their address and withdraw money, you will be rewarded and the status will turn green.