Learn about earning methods.

Currently, there are 4 methods of earning on the Paidwork platform. They are available to all users regardless of their origin or account settings.

  1. Play games
  2. Fill out surveys
  3. Watch videos
  4. Online shopping

You can also earn additional money by using our referral program and inviting people.

The following is an explanation of the above-mentioned methods of earning.

1. Play games

Playing games can be both fun and rewarding. You have a variety of games at your disposal. For each game there is a written level of difficulty in completing the tasks to be performed. The more difficult the task, the more you earn. Choose the one you like the most from the list and download it to your phone. Some of the games can take up to several days, but it is worth it.

You choose what you want to play and on what level of difficulty. You get points for completing all the criteria tasks in a chosen game. Then the system converts them into money, which is automatically added to your account. Fill in the information about your interests and demographics so that the system can match the most suitable games for you. Play and earn money at the same time!

2. Fill out surveys

Filling surveys is not one of the simplest tasks, but it is also highly profitable. You can earn several or even several dozens dollars for each completed survey. The survey takes 5 to 30 minutes to complete – depending on the speed of writing the user’s response.

This method of monetization also requires providing correct data, and each user’s written word is monitored. By completing surveys, you will often have to provide more or less detailed information about yourself. All surveys are displayed on the Paidwork – you do not have to enter each page separately.

3. Watch videos

The last, but not least interesting method of earning is watching videos. It is an excellent option for scoring extra money. You can watch videos from different categories, duration and themes. For watching each video, you will receive a reward, which will be added to your account balance on Paidwork. The amount of money you earn with this activity depends on commitment and time you spend on watching diverse videos. You will receive a notification on your app when new opportunity to earn with this method appear on Paidwork platform. Make sure that you have disabled an ad blocker, otherwise the video may not start playing.

You can watch a variety of videos in your spare time and earn money at once!

4. Online shopping

Earning money by shopping? On Paidwork it is possible. Earn cashback when buying things online and testing free products. All you have to do is create an account in an online store, buy a product that suits you best, and you will get a partial refund for that. The profits of each task are specified in a description of it. If you don’t want to buy anything, you don’t have to. Earn money on creating an account and testing the company’s products for free.

Once all the required criteria are met, the money will be credited to your account. In addition, by specifying your interests and demographics, you can receive proposals which are the most suitable for you so that you can benefit from it. The more products you buy or test, the more you can earn. Choose the best option for you and enjoy your money back!

Referral program

Inviting people may be a great opportunity to make some money. Share your unique referral link to the others. If the person you invite earn and withdraw money on Paidwork, both you and them will get extra cash on your Paidwork account.

You can share your referral link on:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • WhatsApp
  • Messenger

and on your other favorite social media sites.

You can find a link on Referral program tab on the left panel in your Paidwork account. Copy the link and share it. If invited people withdraw money on Paidwork, you will be rewarded.